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About Me, If You Really Want To Know

At least, the things I am willing to tell you.
Remember, I am a visitor from an alternate reality - my own.

First post - wow, and I've owned my own name as a domain for a year now. Time to get started. I am a progressive liberal, bought up in the Christian tradition but leaning now toward a universalism type of belief. This blog will cover just about anything I'm thinking about at the time. It might be science, philosophy, religion, politics, health, and/or humor. I truly will take well-presented refutations into the constantly-changing shaping of my opinions. I would describe myself as being intelligent, but un-motivated to the point of self-sabotage. This public journaling of my thoughts and efforts to improve my life and to positively impact others by being a better person is my attempt to heal, and grow, and be happy. I have my own trolls, God help me, and I'm not asking so much. My sense of humor is a little wicked at times - I will surely post screen caps of "discussions" on Facebook and Twitter that disturb or amuse me. I encourage comments, but will immediately remove spam. I honestly don't know that anyone will ever read any of this. My thoughts are neither pearls before swine or bread on the waters. I just want to throw a little love out there, along with some questions. "It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance." Thomas Sowell

  • I had a glass heart that broke so long ago. the edges of the pieces are worn smooth, like beach glass. Rounded edges do not fit tightly together. I must get the edges back again.

  • I spend all night and all day staring at computer screens and I have been doing that since probably before you were born.

  • Sometimes difficult, but always bubbly. A dichotomy? Hurray!

  • You'd be surprised sometimes.

Rants, Raves, Meaderings, and Hoodad

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