Healing Conquers Punishment

I’m reading the stories about the dad who killed his twin daughters, and then shot the mom but let her live, saying that he wanted her to suffer like he did.

He killed himself.

I’m reading the comments on these stories, saying things like “he will burn in hell forever” and “selfish coward” and “evil pure evil”.

Do you know what was wrong with this man?

He needed to heal.

When the Netflix series “The OA” came out a few months ago, the characters learned a series of otherworldly movements, and doing part of this series brought about healing in those the movements were directed at. In the season finale, a shooter came into the high school cafeteria on a shooting rampage, and as most of the people knew that they may be about to die, the characters joined together and started the sequence that would bring about the healing of whatever pain, illness, evil – whatever it was that caused the shooter to want to kill.

This moved me profoundly. It shook me.

Can you even begin to imagine the pain that causes someone to take that kind of action?

Don’t we all see that causing pain is a symptom of being in pain? When in the history of man did society move from healing to condemning? When did destroying – whether the environment, cultures, each other – take the place of living?

Living is growth and healing. We, as a society, are causing the deaths of others by not working together to heal the pain. Condemnation of the soul causes its death.

This applies to soldiers coming home from war, relationships that end, victims of abuse – all of this pain that is being perpetuated and “nourished” by the very real need to release pain, but without the tools/skills/help people need to release pain without inflicting it on others.

I challenge each of us to take one step – somewhere, some way, somehow – to end the cycles of pain and start healing. Help someone heal. Ask for help in healing. Work together. Do whatever it takes to not hurt each other ever again.

annie layer

I give my heart.

Very little grows on jagged rock. Be ground. Be crumbled, so wildflowers will grow up where you are. — Rumi