Relationships (the ewww, the ugh, and the ahhhh…)

I am in a relationship that, from the outside, seems totally unlikely and inappropriate. However, I am completely happy in it. I have made the statement that you cannot judge unless you have lived something (of course, I’m NOT the first to have said that…) and although he and I are so, so different in Read more about Relationships (the ewww, the ugh, and the ahhhh…)[…]

Start Brewing

We all know it’s necessary, yet it’s after two pm and I haven’t cleaned out the grinder and started a pot for today. It may be that I am pulling an all-night just because I can actually feel some juices flowing today, or it may be that I’ll make a pot and never accomplish anything Read more about Start Brewing[…]

Me, and how I feel today.

First post – wow, and I’ve owned my own name as a domain for a year now. Time to get started. I am a progressive liberal, bought up in the Christian tradition but leaning now toward a universalism type of belief. This blog will cover just about anything I’m thinking about at the time. It Read more about Me, and how I feel today.[…]